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2017 Grenache Brut Methode Traditionnelle $30.00$360.00
2015 Grenache Brut Methode Traditionnelle $30.00$360.00
2015 Methode Traditionnelle Sparkling Merlot $30.00$360.00
2018 Fleurieu Chardonnay $18.00$216.00
2016 'The Cousins' Grenache Rosé $18.00$216.00
2016 Arrogant Cleanskin $10.00$120.00
NV Arrogant Cleanskin's BEST MATE No.2 $10.00$120.00
2014 Graham's Vat 52 $20.00$240.00
2015 Fleurieu Tempranillo $25.00$300.00
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot $30.00$360.00
2013 Trophy Fleurieu Cabernet Sauvignon $35.00$420.00
2013 Reserve Shiraz $30.00$360.00
Multi Gold Medal Magnum 2010 Shiraz $130.00$1560.00
Sale:Multi Gold Medal Magnum 2010 Shiraz $110.00$1320.00
2016 Vintage Fortified Shiraz $25.00$300.00
2017 Vintage Fortified Shiraz $45.00$540.00
The Old Man's Liqueur Grenache $25.00$300.00
NV Vintage Liqueur Muscat (500mL) $20.00$240.00
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  • All prices are in AUD and include 10% GST. Prices may differ slightly from Cellar Door prices, due to rounding.
  • A Tax Invoice will be included with the wine. You will receive acknowledgement of your payment via email (from PayPal®).
  • Wine will be dispatched after funds have cleared. In extreme heat, shipments may be delayed to ensure wine quality.
  • Drivers will not deliver without signature, nor will they deliver to people under 18 years of age.
  • Each box (each dozen or part thereof) is insured for $300 against all risk.
  • All wine is shipped using Australia Post's® Tracked Wine Delivery Service.
  • By using PayPal® to handle your transaction details, you are bound by their Terms & Conditions.
  • If you change information on Paypal®, the cost may change. We will use the new information, & charge the new cost.
  • Drink Wine Responsibly.
  • Thank you for your custom.

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